Your Real Name	melody

Alias (or what everyone on the net knows you as)  melody

your e-mail address is?

do you have a website up we can drool over?

and what is this website's name	.:frozen :static :stars:.

You are from?	Conn.	

and you are....	female
Are you attatched to anyone romanticly (hey, maybe we can hook up some
of the singles on here!)  married, stay away
and just how old are you dearie?  legal to do anything baby (21+)
Okay...what are some of your favorite bands (I know it's cheesy, but I
have to ask)	Cocteau Twins, Malign, Siouxsie, The Cure, Bauhaus
Sisters, And Also the Trees, Diamanda, ....

Is there somewhere on the net we can find a photo of you?

anything else we need to know about you?	err... no

are there any other questions you want me to add to this form?	nope...
you're doing a great job:)