Your Real Name HaHa! Alias (or what everyone on the net knows you as) Schizophreniacbitch your e-mail address is? do you have a website up we can drool over? Nope and what is this website's name I dont have one You are from? Mass. and you are.... female Are you attatched to anyone romanticly (hey, maybe we can hook up some of the singles on here!) I have no one, no one loves me! and just how old are you dearie? almost legal (15-18) Okay...what are some of your favorite bands (I know it's cheesy, but I have to ask) Nine inch nails, NOFX, Slipknot, Coal chamber, powerman5000 Is there somewhere on the net we can find a photo of you? yea, in my photo album anything else we need to know about you? Im not to scarey